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Music teachers worldwide use eartrainer.io to automatically grade theory and aural skills assignments.

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Forget the hours spent listening to recordings or grading partwriting

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Using eartrainer.io to grade your theory and aural skills assignments means never worrying about curriculum mismatch. You can customize everything to fit your needs. Our intuitive library of widgets will save you hours of grading.

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We are a complete solution for theory and aural skills.

Written Theory

Scale Writing

Scale ID

Interval Writing

Interval ID

Chord Writing

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Roman Numeral Analysis

and more!

Ear Training and Musicianship



Error Detection

Scale ID

Interval ID

Chord ID

Chord Progression ID

Rhythm ID

Melody ID

and more!


We know we're the best solution on the market, but don't take our word for it! Here are a few nice things teachers have said about eartrainer.io over the years.

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“A wonderful, interactive, and very intuitive platform for administering ear training (or any other kind of listening) tests. I highly recommend it!”

Nico Schüler

“My favorite thing about it is the flexibility to use whatever repertoire and recordings I want: I can choose a real passage of music and the app will grade student work. The app saves me a ton of time grading, and it provides students with immediate feedback.”

James Sullivan

Simple pricing.

$ 49 /semester

per student

Bulk licensing available

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How do students buy licenses?

Students can pay in-app via Stripe or they can buy a license from your bookstore.


Which LMSs are supported?

Currently supported are: Canvas, Moodle, Brightspace, and Blackboard.